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Pokemon Legends Arceus - 30/04/22

Lately I've been playing Pokemon Legends Arceus (PLA). I had put off getting it for a while, because I'd seen a lot of reviews saying it wasn't that good. However, I decided that I should decide that for myself, so I bought it. It's been a lot of fun so far!!
It's definitely different to the Pokemon games I'm used to playing, but that doesn't necessarily make it bad! Running around in the overworld is pretty fun, and launching pokeballs at pokemon is pretty satisfying :)
My main issues with the game are:
1) The segmented overworld. I can understand why it is this way, as I doubt the switch could handle running all these areas at once, but it sure is a hassle to have to leave and re-enter areas every time I need to go somewhere else. I think if I could just fast travel to a camp in any are from anywhere it'd be more managable, but having to talk to someone and basically ask permission to leave is a little frustrating.
2) The overworlds are pretty empty! I just wish there was more things to discover while exploring, other than pokemon. The time distortions are a nice shake up every now and then, but theyre not really enough in my opinion :P
3) The animations. Everything feels a little stiff and lifeless... a lot of stationary characters and scenes fading to black as a sound effect plays to indicate something happened without animating it. Considering Pokemon is one of the biggest franchises in the world, owned by one of the biggest gaming companies, you'd think they could afford to hire some more animators or something :/
Regardless of these points, I'm still having a lot of fun! I have yet to finish the game, but going through the missions has been a blast so far. Also, I caught my first shiny yesterday! It was a shiny combee :D (male unfortunately)